Trade show checklist for success.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Trade Shows are part of the marketing landscape. They can be hugely effective or a waste of time. It really depends on a range of factors – some of which are outside your control. But, a bit of planning and following a design process will help make the event as productive as possible. Here’s a checklist for successful booth graphics.


  • Allow time for feedback and iteration – developing a strong concept is key.
  • Confirm scheduled print production times and delivery dates.
  • Check production specs and confirm files are to those specs.


  • Consider action shots that tell a story.
  • Unusual imagery promotes inquisitiveness.
  • Simple images help people understand more quickly.
  • Images should always be appropriate to the message.
  • Use your own unique imagery where possible.


  • The headline should be as short as possible.
  • Generally use a minimum number of words.
  • If necessary consider dot points to add structure.
  • Use language that will be clearly understood by the audience.
  • Avoid industry jargon as where possible.


  • Keep them relatively large.
  • Protect the white space to avoid crowding.
  • Ensure the appropriate contrast logo version is being used.
  • Use high resolution logos – vector format is best.
  • Check to ensure correct proportion scaling has been applied.