Design brings order and understanding

 Adopting a strategic approach helps design elements integrate more effectively across the entire brand identity. Typically, design elements vary from business to business and over time elements are often added, deleted or updated.

Core Elements

These appear across all aspects of a brand, so they need to work well at all sizes, across all mediums. Maximum focus is usually placed on these elements as they are not easily changed once adopted.

Logo design

Colour palette options

Typeface selection

Graphic elements

Image style

Digital Elements

In growing numbers, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones have become the preferred way for people to access information. Digital design is heavily focused on user experience and typically focuses on speed, flexibility, simplicity and logic.


Explainer video

Promotional video

Testimonial video

PowerPoint presentation

Print Elements

Print material is still highly relevant in 2017. Often, it’s simply the cheapest and most effective way to communicate a message. Printing brings a design to life in a totally different way. You can touch it, feel it and smell it.

Business card





Proposal document

Quotation sheet

User guide

Advertising layout

Pull up displays

POS material