Business videos for YouTube. Ideas on what to shoot.

More and more businesses are being sold on the idea of video. In a recent survey more than 80% of marketers working in manufacturing said they’re already using video in their marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at which industries are using videos and the types of videos being created.

Factory Process Video [Manufacturing and engineering]

For businesses that carry out work in a factory or workshop this type of video is often popular. The video can showcase machinery, workers and the environment in which products (or parts) are made. Typically a voice over or cut away interview helps explain more about what’s on screen. “Out-of-focus” video can be used as a way of hiding anything not suitable.

Product Demonstration Video [Sales and distributor]

Sometimes pictures and words are simply not enough. A Product Demo Video is a great way to introduce a product to potential buyers. Often it’s one person (holding or interacting with the product) going through the features and explaining the benefits.

Technicians In The Field Video [Service, engineering, technology and trades]

For business who have technicians in the field installing or servicing equipment. This can be an ideal opportunity to share real stories with an audience. Being “on-site” adds credibility and is seen as being less staged and more real.

How To Video [All industries]

Do you need to, rotate the arm counterclockwise, lift it 10mm to expose the retainer flap then push the second button? If so, watching a video makes it a whole lot clearer. How-to videos explain a tricky process with ease.

Company Overview Video [All industries]

This is a fast convenient way for anyone to find out more about a business. Watching a video explain what a company’s all about is easier than having to read about it. Often it’s used as an opportunity to show off  business offices and/or introduce key staff.

Testimonial video [All industries]

The goal here is to be authentic. Typically it’s a customer talking about their experience. A satisfied customer on camera is very believable – much more believable than what you say about yourself.

Other types of videos appropriate for any business:

  • Interviews with key staff
  • Customers using your products or services
  • Your latest project
  • A recent event.